Idris Elba Wants Social Media Platforms To Verify All User Accounts


To help minimize the high spread of misinformation and cyberbullying, Idris Elba says that social media platforms should make it “mandatory” to verify all user accounts. 

The Harder They Fall actor headed to his Instagram on Sunday (July 18), urging the process that public figures go through to be verified on social media should extend to all accounts. 

“People in the public eye get verified on social media, (symbolized by a blue tick), the process of verification requires them to prove their IDENTITY, so everyone knows WHO is speaking,” said Elba. “Social media companies should make this mandatory for all users.”

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He added, “Currently, social media is like boarding a plane and not having to show I.D.”

The 48-year-old also stated that “social media is not a safe space” if “cowards are being supported by a veil of privacy and secrecy.” 

“If cowards want to spout racial rhetoric then say it with your name, not your username,” he concluded. 

His message shared to his 4.7 million followers came with one last request: “Repost if you agree. Say less if you don’t,” he captioned his post. 


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