In February History Programs Planned

Black History Month will be celebrated throughout next month by the Metropolitan Library System.

Programs will include dance performances on the history of Hip-Hop dance from the RACE Dance Collective, a documentary screening of “The Lady: The Making of the Charlie Christian Jazz Festival” with Harold Jones, a presentation on Black Towns in the United States and screenings of the PBS film series, “The African-Americans.”
The RACE (Radical Application of Creative Energy) Dance Collective presents a performance to celebrate the history of Hip- Hop dance.

“The Lady: The Making of the Charlie Christian Jazz Festival” tells the story of 2nd Street’s Charlie Christian Jazz Festival with Harold Jones.

Christian is a musical legend who got his start in Deep Deuce playing string bass, but later adopted the electric guitar.
He forever changed the way electric guitar was used, making it a solo instrument.

“Black Towns Coast-to-Coast” takes patrons on a road trip through Black towns in the United States with special stops in the historic all-Black towns of Oklahoma. Learn about the music and events that shaped our nation.

The PBS Film Series: The African Americans explores the global experience that created the African American people.
The series begins before the first slaves arrived in Jamestown and concludes with civil rights victories in the 1960’s to political victories in the 2010’s.

The scheduling for the month’s programming can be found online at

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