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Percival to End 51-Year Stint As a School Board Member

Oklahoma state Rep. Mike Shelton, D-Oklahoma City, leans over to talk to Frances Percival as she was being honored on the floor of the House of Representatives at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City Monday, May 5, 2014, for 52 years of service as a Millwood School District volunteer, and for serving as a member of the Millwood Public Schools’ Board of Education since 1970. Photo by Paul B. Southerland, The Oklahoman

Frances M. Percival is set to attend her last board meeting in a few days and that will be a hallmark achievement, probably, in state history, for she will be ending a 51-year tenure as a school board member in the Millwood Public School District

Her last board meeting will begin at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 5, at Millwood High School, 6719 Martin Luther King Ave.

Not only has Board Member Percival achieved that record (having been reelected and reelected time and time again), but she also has racked up a historical record of serving the district for 63 years as a volunteer and booster of Millwood.

That latter record is not likely to end at 63 years.  Her allegiance and service to Millwood won’t stop. 

Mrs.  Percival’s involvement with Millwood began long ago, when she and her husband moved into the area.

Bill and Frances Percival bought property in the Millwood area in 1952.

In a few years, the Percival couple became a family with the birth of a daughter and a son.

When their two children enrolled in Millwood schools, that cinched it for Mrs. Percival.  That’s when she enrolled herself as, perhaps, one of the district’s most enthusiastic boosters, advocates, volunteers and top cheerleaders.

Indeed, she was committed!

 That commitment has continued almost 70 years later.

In 1958, Frances Percival began volunteering in various capacities.

For example, she was a member of the Parent Teacher Association for several years, assisted teachers as a “homeroom mother,” and took every opportunity to help out at school activities and events.

 She served selflessly as classroom assistant, office aide, and cafeteria monitor and patron telephone book editor a position on

It was in 1970 that Mrs. Percival decided to run for the school board. 

There were four other candidates. 

She beat them all.

She was sworn-in and went on to successfully run for reelection every four years.

She did not seek reelection four years ago.

Someone else took her place and that’s why she will soon be attending her last board meeting.

In 2014,  Board Member Percival became a district director of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, and went on to serve as that group’s member of the Conference and Workshop Committee, Public Relations Committee and Government Relations Committee.

Today, she is one of the longest-serving school board members in the state, according to the OSSBA.

She was presented the Partner for Excellence Award by the Oklahoma Schools Public Relations Association and , in 1976, was presented a Distinguished Service Award by the OSSBA.

In 1993, she was presented an All-State School Board Award.

Board Member Percival was the recipient of the Buddy Spencer Leadership Award in 1993.

The Central High School Alumni Association presented her its Heritage Award in 1992 and the National School Boards Association presented her its Distinguished service Award in 1997.

The newly-built Frances M. Percival Millwood Media Center was dedicated on Aug. 6, 2010.

All of those honors and awards aside, Mrs. Percival said she is most proud of the compliment she was paid when, years ago, Millwood students began to refer to her as “Mrs. P.”

Mrs. Percival said she is also “tremendously proud of her two children (Kent Percival and Teryl Percival) attended Millwood schools.

Board Member Percival’s last board meeting

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