Issa Rae Aint Hardly ‘Insecure’ After Hilarious Clapback To A Hater Who Called Her Ugly Went Viral

Issa Rae had time for a “fan” who had the unmitigated gall to call her ugly on Friday.

The woman now known as Issa Rae’s Fat Twin on Twitter wrote, “Issa Rae is not an attractive woman to me and that is okay. Every black person ain’t attractive.”

“Also, she will never know who I am, and even if she did, it doesn’t matter because I don’t want to f**k her or be hired by her,” she added.


After the Emmy-nominated actress was tagged on the unsolicited opinion, she responded. 

“Okay, but we look the same? The f**k,” she wrote, posting a photo of the woman with a Kool-Aid smile.


Rae, who’s known for her witty comebacks, added another tweet with somebody’s big a** teeth, writing, “Not my cousins publicly disrespecting me.”


Without delay, Black Twitter showed up and out to defend the Insecure star’s honor. 


Rae isn’t paying homegirl any mind. In fact, she just graced the cover of Vanity Fair. However, Rae’s clapback serves as a friendly reminder that some folks need to shut up and eat their food.

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