Jail Officer Arrested

An Oklahoma County Jail detention officer has been arrested for drug-trafficking, dealing in contraband and delivering firearms at the jail.

She has been fired after her arrest last week, The Black Chronicle has learned.

Jail officials said 27-year-old Regan Widener was caught with an illegal cell phone the night of Dec. 28.

After questioning, she admitted to delivering packages of drugs to an inmate for $2,000, according to jail officials.

A search of her car, officials said, turned up marijuana, a loaded handgun and a digital scale.

Miss Widener was immediately fired and booked into the jail on multiple charges, jail officials said.

Another detention officer was arrested over the previous weekend related to an inmate’s suicide.

That detention officer has been fired, as well.

A spokesman for the jail said both firings are examples of the cleanup efforts underway at the facility.

“We routinely search incoming staff and vendors as part of our protocols,” said Greg Williams, head jail administrator, , “and, last night, we were able to uncover evidence of misconduct and introduction of contraband.”

“The introduction of contraband is a huge problem in this industry,” the jail administrator pointed out.

“We are very aware of that and we re taking active actions to prevent it.”

Miss Widener is the second jail worker fired in less than a week.

Over that weekend, the detention officer fired after an inmate’s suicide could face multiple charges.

“Part of that investigation revealed that that officer was not following protocol and not doing site checks as required,” Administrator Williams noted.

“If this doesn’t get our attention, I don’t know what will,” said Sean Cummings, the jail reform advocate.

He said the recent firings are examples of failures by the Oklahoma County Jail Trust, which took over jail administration from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

“The former sheriff used to have a drug dog by the front door, and, if you know there was a drug dog, you don’t bring contraband in,” Mr. Cummings commented.

“If anything, things have gotten worse at the jail.”

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