Jermaine Dupri and the Slutty Vegan Launch Nationwide Votenik Initiative

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Local elections are underway in multiple states leading up to the November presidential elections. A number of public figures have been using their platforms to spread awareness and encourage people to go out and vote. Recently, Atlanta native and music superstar Jermaine Dupri and Pinky Cole, owner of the Slutty Vegan, are teamed with Impossible Foods to start a new campaign to encourage young people to go out and vote.

Starting this week, the group will host the Votenik Initiative, playful spin from the city’s famous Freaknik event, to help feed communities while also encouraging them to go out and vote in their local elections and in November. Cole, who is known for her famous vegan soul food pop-ups, will open her food truck at schools and voting sites. Patrons who vote will be offered a complimentary food item from the Slutty Vegan’s menu.

“This is the next step in making sure that everyone gets out and vote,” said Cole in a press statement. “This is the most productive way to get our voices heard, and we are beyond grateful to be launching this initiative with both Jermaine Dupri and Impossible Foods.”

This event is the latest initiative of Cole’s Pinky Cole Foundation that recently has been offering local relief efforts to the community amid the COVID-19, or novel coronavirus pandemic. Through her foundation, Cole has been able to offer financial assistance to help small businesses pay their rent and provide meals to other local grassroots organizations.


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