Kevin Samuels & Dr. Umar Johnson Feud On Social Media

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The Twitter streets are in a tizzy this week after a war of words kicked off by two of the culture’s most recognizable and polarizing voices. Dr. Umar Johnson and Kevin Samuels have obvious issues with each other, taking to the respective social media channels to address each other.

As we’re still gathering details on what started the beef, what caught our eye is an Instagram Live video of Johnson taking aim at Samuels, criticizing openly how he’s seemingly critical and harsh towards Black women. With his usual unflinching pride intact, Johnson spoke firmly and stated that he’s not appreciative of women hopping onto Samuels’ platform to willingly take on the shots he doles out.

In a response video, Samuels, decked in his trademark suit, essentially fired back all the heavy lobs Dr. Johnson made while also slandering the man’s good name regarding the school that was said to be built on the back of fan donations. Samuels, speaking to a woman who appears to have put Johnson’s video on his radar, cut off her interjections and went on a relentless spree of sharp darts and zingers.

It isn’t known if this so-called beef will heat up beyond this moment but considering the passionate base of Samuels in recent times, this has the potential to go on for weeks if not months without many resolutions in sight.

In all seriousness, we hope these two gentlemen can find some common ground, although it seems like both are sticking with their guns. Sides are being picked on Twitter and the moment and we’ve gathered some reactions below.

Kevin Samuels & Dr. Umar Johnson Feud On Social Media 
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