Keyshia Cole, Breaks Her Silence After Death Of Mother, Frankie Lons


Still grieving from her loss, Keyshia Cole has opened up to her fans following the death of her mother Frankie Lons. The 61-year-old passed away suddenly on her birthday on Sunday (July 18). Cole’s brother, rapper Sammy Ghostt, spoke to TMZ speculating that Lons died as a result of a drug overdose at her home in Oakland, CA.

The R&B superstar publicly shared her gratitude for her mother on Instagram.

“This is so hard man. Can’t really even find the words. SMH. I honestly don’t even know how to feel. You can never prepare for something like this… Ever!!! but you will be missed. It’s crazy because… For weeks I’ve been quoting you, from the goose that laid the golden egg, to calling Neffe shoes slow burners, cause they were bought scuffed up already your humor was unmatched!!! Naturally so funny, that’s what I loved about your personality…. we all did,” Cole captioned the post attached to a slideshow of family photos featuring her mother. 

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The artist noted that the IG post was created to show the love and appreciation for Lons’ life. 

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“I created this post to show my love and appreciation for your life and I would like to thank my fans + supporters, shooot your supporters and fans, for being here with us during these hard times, and the love that you all have for us…..the love for all your children was definitely felt,” she continued.

Concluding the post in part with, “We love you. I love you so much!!! Frank da bank!” 

Lons became a household name after appearing in Cole’s first reality series on BET called Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is in 2006. She starred in a spin-off with her daughter, and Cole’s sister, Neffe Pugh, also on BET called Frankie & Neffe. The series ended in October 2009.

Official details about Lons’ death have not yet been revealed.


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