Kimmel Shows How Trump Is Still Shamelessly Fleecing His Own Biggest Fans

Jimmy Kimmel is warning supporters of former President Donald Trump that the grift is still on ― and they’re the target. 

Kimmel noted in his Thursday monologue that the latest conspiracy theory embraced by some of the ex-president’s supporters is that he will retake office on March 4, which, with a few exceptions, served as Inauguration Day until 1933. 

“That’s the crazy part,” Kimmel said. “The funny part is: The Trump Hotel in Washington raised their prices for that day. For real.” 

Forbes reported this week that the Trump International Hotel raised the rate for its standard “deluxe king” room by 180%. 

“This man will miss no opportunity to fleece the sheep who believe in him,” Kimmel said. “He can’t help himself. It’s like he thinks they’re an ATM.” 

Check out his full monologue below: 

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