LaVar Ball is Offering NBA and NFL Players 40% of Profit From His Big Baller Brand

The planned return of The Big Baller Brand is in place! LaVar Ball, the father of New Orleans Pelicans’ basketball player Lonzo Ball, is planning on a comeback for his Big Baller Brand sneakers and wants to give any NBA or NFL athlete 40% profit from his product sales, according to TMZ Sports.

Ball says that the equation is quite simple. “If a guy sells a million shirts worldwide at $100 apiece, and gets 40% of the profit, he can make $40 mil on his first deal no problem!!” Ball says he believes that’s the way athletes need to think going forward with endorsement deals, telling us, “That’s all I want is for guys to understand their self-worth.”

Bill just recently relaunched the Big Baller Brand online in February after going offline and splitting with his former business partner, Alan Foster, last year.

“Most of the black kids that are super talented, y’all don’t own nothing. That’s the mindset we have to change. If you’re 90% of the league and you still don’t own nothing that’s got to make you wonder sometimes where you have to look back and be like, ‘Wow, I think I want to be like the owners.’ If the owners can pay four or five people on the team $100 million, $200 million, imagine how much they’re making. And they’re not even playing.”

Ball’s youngest son, LaMelo Ball, a point guard is expected to be a possible top pick for this year’s upcoming NBA draft.

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