Law Firm Opens Offices in City


The Parrish DeVaughn Law Firm (3601 N. Classen Blvd.), which handles personal injury cases, has established new offices in Oklahoma City.

“We have made an investment in Oklahoma City,” a statement said.  “For the Parrish DeVaughn; lawyers, investment is commitment.  And their commitment is demonstrated by their daily efforts to serve this area.”

About a decade ago, Murry Parrish and Pepper DeVaughn formed what has now become one of the largest personal injury firms around.

“Our law firm’s growth is a result of our commitment to our community,” said Pepper DeVaughn.

“That commitment can easily be seen by the firm’s boots-on-the-ground involvement in the 405 code area.  To the Parrish DeVaughn injury lawyers, involvement consist of participation, keeping local and staying together.”

The law firm, a statement said, “takes an in-person, boots-on-the-ground support” to:

  • Perry Publishing and Broadcasting (on-site at their Juneteenth Festival);
  • Make Promises Happen (on-site at the Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association event);
  • Black Wall Street Rally (on-site for two days);
  • Oklahoma Humane Society (on-site for Pepper and Pets);
  • The University of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital (on-site for Valentine’s cards for children);
  • Outstanding Oklahoma City Teacher Awards (on-site presentation for recipients);
  • Oklahoma City Public School District (on-site for backpack giveaways);
  • Oklahoma City Homeless Alliance (on-site for supply donations winter storms and summer heat); and
  • Pepper’s Ranch (on-site volunteers).

Keeping Local

Parrish DeVaughn purchased the building at 3601 Classen rather than continuing to lease space in Bricktown.

“We believe the leasing concept is by definition temporary in nature and excited that the opening of  Parrish DeVaughn at 3601 will allow us to set a permanent root system in our community and demonstrate our investment in our city and the people who call it home,” said Murry Parrish.

“Our new building provided the opportunity for us to have complete artistic liberties in designing a space that is optimized for our team, our workflow, and our client experience.  “We employed local people in the development of the new property (from architect to artists),” said Pepper DeVaughn.  3601 Classen is a two-story building offering 80 parking spaces on its lot.

“We treat our clients like family and wanted to offer our clients the opportunity to park right outside our front door rather than a parking lot downtown,” said Murry Parrish.  In other words, 3601 Classen is a statement that the Parrish DeVaughn Injury Lawyers will be helping injured Oklahomans for decades to come.

Stay Together

Parrish DeVaughn opted to keep all employees under one roof when many businesses allowed remote work.  “We want all our clients to have the ability to look in the eyes and shake the hands of our team,” said Pepper DeVaughn.  The entire Parrish DeVaughn team takes pride in helping the 405 community get the compensation and support they need.

“We are all in this together,” concluded Murry Parish.

The law firm’s Website address is

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