Learn a New Skill Right When You Need It With Udemy

In 2016, Black men and women accounted for nearly one out of every eight people in the U.S. labor force. Despite that, they only accounted for just 8 percent of employees in professional roles. Worse still, Black professionals make up only 3.2 percent of all company’s executive or senior leadership roles; and less than 1 percent of all Fortune 500 CEO positions. 

The conclusion is obvious yet unsurprising: minorities continue to find it challenging to break into the top ranks of business world leadership. Climbing the lofty heights of a corporate world sometimes stacked against them, minority professionals need access to the right tools to help learn any new skill or discipline they need right when they need to learn it.

Udemy is like having your own portable institution of higher learning ready to teach you just what you need at a moment’s notice. Their archives include more than 183,000 online video courses, each offering expert-driven instruction in various disciplines to help shore up any professional deficiency. No matter your goal, whether to learn a new skill for your current job, or make a career change and learn something completely new, Udemy has the courses you need to accomplish your goals and learn the skills at an affordable price.

You can choose from a variety of hard skills like Python, JavaScript, or graphic design and soft skills like leadership, time management, creative problem solving, and more. Users can feel at ease putting their professional fate in the hands of more than 65,000 highly trained Udemy instructors who know their fields from top to bottom. 

Udemy’s lifetime membership means users can explore all their coursework at their own pace. For example, a member can take The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp and become a full-stack web developer. Then they spend time mastering those skills and turn their attention to The Ultimate Drawing Course to develop their artistic side. The possibilities are endless.

Many of the world’s biggest companies have embraced the Udemy way as a prime training avenue to develop their own employees, including Apple, Netflix, Aflac, Volkswagen, Kaiser Permanente, and more.

“I have found it to be great. Course quality…is usually good to excellent, (and) the pricing is very, very competitive, which is no doubt what draws most learners like me to this platform,” Udemy student Anton said. “Great resource for me and used successfully by many of my colleagues in my company as well.”

Learn a new skill and advance your career with Udemy. Right now, new members can enroll in courses with rates as low as $11.99. 

Prices are subject to change.


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