Let’s Elect First Black County Clerk

Scobey Is Leader Who’ll Bring Integrity to Office

Rev. Derrick A. Scobey, the Democratic nominee for the post he seeks to fill, is our choice to become the next Oklahoma County clerk. We enthusiastically endorse his candidacy today and urge all voters to turn out heavily for the special election scheduled for Tuesday, April 4. Many of our readers will remember that the Baptist minister and the pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church won the Democratic primary a few weeks. He will now face the Republican nominee. The special election is being held to fill the unexpired term of the previous county clerk, who resigned rather than face prosecution for a number of alleged criminal acts, including sexual harassment. Some may remember that, early in his term, the previous Republican county clerk faced a federal lawsuit for having mistreated a Black longtime clerk office worker (and the ex-wife of a then state senator). She alleged the then-county clerk tried to force her to resign and she would not. Well, in any case, Rev. Scobey (who has brought new life to Ebenezer Baptist by steering the congregation to help residents of the area Ebenezer Baptist serves) is making his maiden venture into politics by seeking this position. In the course of his campaigning, he has promised to bring transparency to the office and has pledged to administer the office with integrity. That’s in itself a refreshing posture for our aspiring politicians to take in these times of political foolishness and idiocy usually brought forth by those seeking to hold office or holding office. Rev. Derrick A. Scobey is our choice for the Oklahoma County clerk’s position. We strongly urge everybody to vote for him on Tuesday, April 4.

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