Master Microsoft Excel and Become a Productivity Machine With the Help of This Bundle


At this point, Microsoft Excel is considered a non-negotiable for many businesses, especially those that have to deal with a lot of numbers and data crunching. But apart from helping you analyze and process data, did you know that Excel can also supercharge your productivity? The spreadsheet program has all the nuts and bolts that can help you execute a wide variety of tasks. From transforming dizzying data into visual spectacles to automating some of your tedious tasks, Excel can turn you into one productivity machine.

If you only have a baseline knowledge of Excel, it can be hard to use it to your advantage. The Professional Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle offers 45 hours of premium instructional content so you can make the most out of the app and have the results to show for it.

Taught by experienced educators and certified Microsoft trainers, this bundle includes eight courses, all put together with the intent of turning you into an Excel pro. Apart from learning all its essential functionalities, you can expect to learn a collection of formulas to use in various tasks, make beautiful charts and graphs, and turn raw data into actionable insights. Additionally, it also covers advanced concepts and functions like Power Query, Power Pivot, and Dax, as well as Macros and VBAs, a set of functions that can help you create data models and analyze mounds of data seamlessly.

Once you’ve gone through all the courses, you’ll find that you have the knowledge and skills to accomplish more in half the time. For a limited time, you can grab the Professional Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle on sale for only $39 — a 97% discount.

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