Mayor Set to Seek A Second Term

Mayor David Holt is planning to seek a second term, The Black Chronicle has learned.

He will be on the Tuesday, Feb. 8, ballot.

A poll released in November by CHS & Associates, 53 percent of voters indicated they favored Mayor Holt’s reelection.

“Incumbents are, generally, considered ‘safe,’ “Pat McFerron, a political consultant with the polling firm, said

 in a news release, “when that number is above 40 percent.

When looking at voters who have voted in at least two of the municipal elections, the percentage rises as high as 65 percent, according to the political consultant.

 “The same poll showed that Republican and Democratic voters both hold Mayor Holt in high esteem, with favorable / unfavorable ratings among Republican voters at 54 to 19 and among Democratic voters at 61 to 12,” he said.

The mayor said he is pleased with the poll numbers.

“I’m grateful for the overwhelming support from so many,” Mayor Holt said.

“This support will give us the opportunity to tell the story of [the city’s] remarkable success and remind voters of their opportunity on Feb. 8 to continue Oklahoma City’s renaissance for another four years.”

When he first ran for election, the candidate had more than $473,000 in his campaign chest and spent nearly all of it.

By mid-summer 2021, he had raised $545,099 and had $496,326 on hand.

By early fall, he had raised $616,443, according to finance reports.

Campaign reports indicate he has more than 700 contributors.

One of the mayor’s opponents reported raising $11,700 and another opponent reported raising $53,913.

Political analysts believe that situation makes it likely Mayor Holt will have an easy sprint for a strong reelection in February.

State Sen. George Young (Dem., Oklahoma City) endorsed Mayor Holt’s bid for reelection.

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