Survey: Patriotism waning among younger generations



(The Center Square) – A new poll found that less than two-thirds of young adults in Pennsylvania feel national pride.

The results from a recent survey – conducted by the Bull Finch Group and paid for by the Commonwealth Foundation – show 60% of residents between the ages of 18 and 29 consider themselves “proud to be American.”

By comparison, 76% respondents in the next age category, 30-years-old to 44-years-old, say they are patriotic.

The survey questioned roughly 800 registered voters between June 16 and June 19. The partisan split of respondents was 39% Democrats, 38% Republicans, and 23% Independent, with a 3.46% margin of error.

Overall, 79% felt proud to be American.

State pride fared even worse, however. Roughly 60% of residents under 45 feel “proud to be Pennsylvanian.” Just over half of those under 30 responded positively to the question, compared to 62% of those over 30.

More grim still are results that indicate younger residents lack hope for the future.

Roughly 41% of residents under age 45 believe the country’s best days are in the past. The sentiment is higher among the 18-29 cohort, with nearly half in agreement, compared to just 29% who see the future more positively. Among those ages 30-44, 37% feel America’s best days are behind them, compared to 42% who disagreed. The remaining respondents in the age groups said they were “unsure.”

The results come in tandem with a growing temptation among younger generations to leave the state entirely because of high taxes and cost of living.

Among the 338 respondents that considered moving, the top two reasons why were high taxes and cost of living. Other considerations – in order of popularity – included lower crime; more job opportunities; elected leaders more aligned with personal values; less intrusive government; better public schools; more secure elections; better health care; and more school choice.

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