New laws in Illinois to impact small businesses



(The Center Square) – Small business advocates are discussing the impact new Illinois laws going into effect Jan. 1 could have on employers.

Several laws will go into effect in 2024, including Senate Bill 2034, which extends bereavement time for workers when dealing with the loss of a child. Other measures include the previous General Assembly’s Senate Bill 208, which mandates paid time off to be used for any reason.

Noah Finley of the National Federation of Independent Business told The Center Square that dividing time off for workers in small businesses has been a struggle in the past.

“That has been a big issue for many small employers who have five, ten, twenty employees to have to regulate when employees can take time off,” Finley said. “Small employers are having to navigate this extra complex sea of bureaucracy and jumping through these legal hoops to comply with this new mandate.”

Other laws going to effect in 2024 include a fair wage act in Chicago and Blood and Organ Donation Leave Act which allows workers to take time off to give blood.

However, Finley said there is still a struggle among businesses to find qualified workers, which is something that needs to be addressed.

“Our recent small business survey had indicated that small employers are still struggling to attract qualified good employees,” Finley said. “That is one of the top issues we are seeing out there for small businesses.”

One thing Finley said will help independent businesses throughout the state is less government involvement.

“Small businesses are facing just a slew of governmental regulations which combined with these challenging economic conditions is really creating what we are seeing in our small businesses surveys, which is a lot of uncertainties,” Finley said.

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