Sticker tags replacing I-PASS tollway transponders



(The Center Square) – At the end of January, Illinois drivers can pay their I-PASS highway tolls with a smaller windshield sticker tag instead of the current plastic box transponder.

The compact blue and purple windshield sticker tags allow drivers to skip toll booth lines. A bar code on the sticker uses radio frequency ID to connect with toll collection technology.

Executive Director Cassaundra Rouse of Illinois Tollway says the sticker tags do the same job as the bulkier plastic transponders do.

“Sticker tags are a more convenient, reliable and less expensive travel experience for our customers,” Rouse said.

Louisville, Atlanta, Denver and California have transitioned to sticker tags.

“Technology has evolved and we want our customers to benefit,” Rouse said.

Illinois Tollway wants more drivers to take advantage of I-PASS. Drivers who use I-PASS get a 50% discount on tolls.

“I-PASS is the best way to travel our system and to avoid fines and fees,” Rouse said.

The sticker tags work in conjunction with E-Zpass to give Illinois drivers streamlined toll payments in 18 states.

Sticker tags are free. No deposit is required. Households with more than one car can get free sticker tags for every car that is tied to the same I-PASS account. No more need to share transponders.

Open an account online at Illinois Tollway will mail sticker tags to account holders. In February, people can pick up sticker tags at Jewel-Osco and Road Ranger stores and the Chicago Auto Show. They will also be available at Illinois Tollway headquarters and tollway oases.

The I-PASS plastic box transponders will continue to work until their 10-year battery runs out, Rouse said. Motorists who upgrade to sticker tags will get a $10 I-PASS account credit as a refund for the deposit that they paid when they signed up for their transponder.

No need to return the transponder but they should be recycled. I-PASS plastic transponders contain lithium batteries and should not be thrown in the trash. Once a driver has received the sticker tag, they can dispose of their plastic box transponders at designated recycling locations, including Lowe’s and Home Depot stores.

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