Reynolds weighs in on Satanic display in Iowa Capitol



(The Center Square) – Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said a display from the Satanic Temple Iowa in the state Capitol building is “absolutely objectionable” but did not say she would remove it.

“In a free society, the best response to objectionable speech is more speech, and I encourage all those of faith to join me today in praying over the Capitol and recognizing the nativity scene that will be on display – the true reason for the season,” Reynolds said in a statement Tuesday.

The display includes an altar and drew ire from lawmakers.

Rep. Brad Sherman, R-Williamsburg, said it should be removed.

“For those who wish to worship Satan, they are free to do so on their private property,” Sherman said in his newsletter. “But to allow satanic expression in the State Capitol and other public property is to surrender to Satan’s demands for equality with God which was his original sin: ‘I will be like the Most High’ (see Isaiah 14:14).”

Rep. Jon Dunwell, R-Newton, said in a post on social media that he objected to the display and recommended a review of requirements for Capitol displays.

“Monitor the the number of organizations requesting displays,” Dunwell said on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter. “I don’t want the Capitol to be overwhelmed by displays. In the future, we may need to find ways to appropriately limit the number of displays. Continue to dialogue with other elected officials and Iowans on this issue.”

State officials approved the display.

“We thank the staff of the capitol, the capitol police and Department of Administrative Services for holding fast to the principle of religious freedom and ensuring all religions have an equal opportunity to celebrate the holidays together in our beautiful capitol,” the Satanic Temple of Iowa said in a statement.

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