Michigan gets $1.8 million to fix electric vehicle chargers



(The Center Square) – The Michigan Department of Transportation has received a $1.8 million grant to replace broken electric vehicle chargers statewide.

Michigan Chief Infrastructure Officer Zachary Kolodin said this funding will support Michigan’s transition to EVs.

“Electric vehicle drivers deserve chargers that reliably power up their vehicles,” Kolodin said in a statement. “This Bipartisan Infrastructure Law grant from the Biden administration prioritizes getting out-of-service chargers back online, lowering costs for drivers. I applaud this fiscally prudent investment, which will give EV owners confidence that they can charge up anywhere in the state of Michigan.”

MDOT will use the funds to repair up to 172 chargers at 105 locations across Michigan. Sites that receive these grants must complete their work on the chargers within 12 months of getting the funds.

“Our efforts to build Michigan’s electric vehicle infrastructure are geared toward meeting the growing demand and facilitating a smooth transition to an electrified future,” MDOT Director Bradley C. Wieferich said in a statement. “Just as filling up your gas tank is a routine and effortless task, we envision charging your electric vehicle to be just as easy and convenient. We are excited to work with private-industry partners to expand the state’s charging network and provide Michiganders with the infrastructure needed to power their electric vehicles, creating a more sustainable mobility network for generations to come.”

Michigan has about 34,380 EVs registered statewide. The MI Healthy Climate plan calls for 2 million EVs driving on Michigan roads by 2030. However, range anxiety, a sparse charging network, and a higher upfront cost than vehicles with internal combustion engines have discouraged EV adoption. Also, Singe-digit temperature can drastically change battery range during freezing temperatures.

“It should be as easy to charge your electric vehicle as it is to fill up at the gas station. Under President Biden’s leadership, I worked hard with many of my colleagues in Congress to secure this funding, which will go a long way to make EVs practical and accessible to more Americans,” U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell said in a statement. “To keep Michigan at the forefront of auto innovation and technology, we must invest in the necessary infrastructure to support the transition to EVs and clean energy. I will continue to work in Congress, with Governor Whitmer, and leaders at every level to bring these investments to our state and to strengthen Michigan’s position as a global leader in auto innovation and technology.”

Michigan has secured more than $150 million through Charge Up Michigan and the BIL to build Michigan’s electric vehicle charging network, which now includes more than 2,600 EV chargers.

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