Report: Ohio taxpayer ROI one of nation’s best



(The Center Square) – Despite the likely feeling most Ohioans have about taxes, they could feel better knowing they have one of the nation’s highest returns on their tax dollars, according to a new report.

The personal finance website WalletHub ranked the Buckeye State fifth in the country in terms of taxpayer return on investment after analyzing state and local tax collections with the quality of services residents receive in each state using 29 different metrics.

Among them are education, health, safety, the economy, infrastructure and pollution.

Ohio ranked eighth in total taxes paid per capita and 25th in overall government services.

The report scored Ohio best in economy with a rank of 10th, followed by infrastructure and pollution at 17. Its safety ranking was 21st

“Ohio offers a mix of government services that result in a balanced taxpayer ROI, despite moderate taxes,” WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe said. “The state has a moderately ranked public university system and school system, but it shines with robust school programs.”

Ohio ranked 35th in education and 33rd in health.

“However, Ohio still faces challenges in health care and public health indicators, although it provides relatively affordable health insurance,” Happe said. “In terms of safety and economy, Ohio performs reasonably well, with low unemployment but higher poverty rates. While the state shows strengths in roads and water quality, parks and recreation expenses lag behind. Overall, Ohio’s Taxpayer ROI reflects a nuanced balance, with room for improvement to enhance taxpayer satisfaction.”

New Hampshire offered the best return for taxpayers, according to the report. Florida ranked second, followed by South Dakota and Missouri.

California received the worst ROI ranking, followed by Hawaii, New Mexico, New York and North Dakota.

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