Johnson: Republicans must agree on abortion or lose elections



(The Center Square) — Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. Senator is urging Republicans in the state to settle the abortion question amongst themselves.

Ron Johnson told the crowd at the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention over the weekend that Republicans will continue to lose elections until they come-up with an answer for abortion.

“I know people don’t like what I’m saying. Many people in this room do not like what I am saying. I’m just laying out the reality of the situation, because in the end we have to win elections,” Johnson said. “For those of us who want to protect life, if we don’t win the end result will be unrestricted abortions, infantaside, up to the moment of birth. That will be the result. So we have to win.”

The Republican crowd largely applauded Johnson’s words.

Johnson added Republicans clearly want to protect life, and end abortion on-demand. He said there continues to be a disagreement, however, about when to start protecting life.

“Republicans in Wisconsin voted for a law to protect [life] after 20 weeks. I voted for a similar Iaw. I support the Dobbs decision, which would have protected it after 15 weeks. In Florida they’re protecting [life] after six weeks. There’s a broad range. In Europe they protect it after 12 weeks,” Johnson said. “Again that’s the reasonable position that most Americans agree with.”

Democrats in Wisconsin made the 2022 governor’s races and the 2023 supreme court race about abortion, and they won big.

Johnson says Democrats are looking to once again make the 2024 election about abortion. He said it should be about Joe Biden’s past four years as president.

“This is a referendum on Democrat governance,” Johnson said Monday morning during an interview on News Talk 1130 WISN in Milwaukee. “Joe Biden is the guy that wanted an open border. He’s the guy that massively spent, deficit spending sparking for your high inflation making gas and groceries [more expensive]. A $1,000 a month is what it costs Americans to just maintain their standard living.”

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