Recall Vos supporters turn in more than 10,000 signatures



(The Center Square) – The effort to unseat Wisconsin’s assembly speaker is now in the hands of the state’s Elections Commission.

The group that is looking to recall Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Monday submitted 10,700 signatures. Wisconsin law requires it has at least 6,850 valid signatures to move ahead.

Organizer Matthew Snorek told reporters the 10,000-plus signatures show the support in Racine County to remove Vos from office.

“I stand before you honored to represent not just Racine County, but all Wisconsinites ready to end Vos’ era of corruption, tyranny and secretive dealings,” Snorek said during a news conference.

Snorek and a small group of others have been fighting against Vos since at least 2022. They are angry Vos didn’t do more following the 2020 presidential election, and they continue to be furious Vos didn’t fire Wisconsin’s elections administrator.

“[The people of Racine County] are tired of the status quo and demand new representation,” Snorek said before Monday’s signature delivery.

Vos has called the entire effort a waste of time and money.

He has said in the past the Recall Vos organizers have a personal ax to grind and are working with Democrats.

A number of reports last week said the Recall Vos organizers were working with illegal immigrants to help collect their signatures.

Democrats in Wisconsin have supported the effort as well.

In addition to the questions about valid signatures, recall organizers are facing some uncertainty.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday declined to rule on whether Wisconsin’s new political maps will be used for the recall and a special election in Milwaukee.

That means the 10,700 signatures collected in Vos’ current district may not apply if the recall election will be held in Vos’ new legislative district.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has 31 days to count and verify the signatures. If there are enough valid signatures, the recall election would be six weeks later.

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