Wied, Jacque, Roth focusing on economics, border policies



(The Center Square) – Republican primary candidates in the special election for Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District race have all criticized the Biden administration’s economic and immigration policies, tapping into Wisconsin voters’ top concerns, according to the recent polls.

Candidate Tony Wied, a businessman who sold his gas stations in 2022 to enter politics, has promised to prioritize building a border wall, supporting the military, and rein in government spending, according to his Ballotpedia Candidate Connection survey responses. He says his experience as a business owner will be helpful in tackling the national debt and removing regulations on Wisconsin’s agricultural sector.

Wied has received former president Donald Trump’s endorsement. Trump reiterated his support for the candidate at a recent rally in Racine. Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., and North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum have endorsed Wied as well.

State Sen. André Jacque, the District 1 representative, has pledged to continue fighting for conservative values and policies if elected.

“I will never back down from protecting life, our border, and our families. I have a proven track record of conservative results in our state Legislature, fighting for lower taxes, protecting the Second Amendment and all our constitutional rights, and supporting our veterans and law enforcement,” says Jacque’s campaign website.

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association, Pro-Life Wisconsin, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, have all endorsed Jacque.

Candidate Roger Roth, veteran and former Wisconsin state senator, is running to advance the freedoms, safety, and economic security of northeast Wisconsin, according to his campaign website.

Like Wied, Roth supports building a wall at the southern border. Roth has promised if elected to “stop wasteful spending, fix the broken budget process, and unleash the economy through pro-growth reforms.”

Roth has the endorsement of former Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker and former Republican U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The district’s previous incumbent, Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher, resigned in April. Gov. Tony Evers called for a special election to fill the vacancy until Jan. 3. The special election will occur on Aug. 13, for its primary, and Nov. 5 for the general election.

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