Wisconsin governor signs Milwaukee RNC emergency order



(The Center Square) – Wisconsin’s governor issued an emergency order to help with security preparations for Milwaukee’s Republican National Convention.

Gov. Tony Evers signed the order. It’s standard practice, in fact all convention cities have similar agreements.

The emergency declaration makes it easier for Milwaukee to get both state and federal money to help with convention security.

The order “Direct[s] all state agencies of the State of Wisconsin to assist as appropriate to address the emergency; Grant[s] all law enforcement officers present in this state from July 13, 2024, through July 19, 2024, pursuant to an EMAC agreement between the state and another state or local jurisdiction for the purpose of providing assistance for the 2024, RNC the power of arrest, but only if those officers have arrest power in and have received use of force training required by their home jurisdictions,” the order states.

The emergency order also makes it easier to call in the Wisconsin National Guard if need be.

“[The order] authorize[s] the Adjutant General to utilize personnel called to state active duty pursuant to this order in emergency status. The Wisconsin National Guard may not be used to impede the ability of people to peacefully protest or impede the ability of the media to report on such protests,” the order adds.

A similar emergency order was planned for, but never issued, for the Democratic National Convention that was supposed to come to Milwaukee back in 2020. That convection was canceled because of COVID.

There is nothing in the order that deals with the protest zone security concerns from convention planners.

RNC officials in Milwaukee continue to worry that protesters in the designated protest zone will be too close to RNC delegates and guests. That issue remains in front of U.S. Secret Service.

Milwaukee will welcome the Republican National Convention from July 15-18.

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