Millwood Public Schools To Change Event Protocol


We are all aware that it takes everyone in our community doing their part to ensure that we have safe events for our students to compete.  Sadly, I worry that without an intervention to our current event protocol we may fall short.  Our number one concern everyday at Millwood is safety.  We pride ourselves in building positive relationships with our students which help us to anticipate issues and/or trouble.  We cannot however predict issues or trouble when we open our doors to the general public.

With the utmost concern for our students and our community, we have decided to institute a policy prohibiting any minor not accompanied by an adult from attending any of our final three home games this season.  Millwood students may attend with a school ID.  We feel that taking this approach will allow us to have better control of our environment and create a safer experience for everyone.

Once again, for the safety of our students and community, all minors must be with an adult unless you are a Millwood student with a valid student ID.  No exceptions.  We also reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone that we deem to be a safety risk.

Please contact Cecilia Robinson-Woods, Ed.D if you have questions at 478-1336 x5400 or at [email protected]

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