More Than 300 Attend Douglass High Picnic

A picnic was held last week that attracted alumni of Douglass High School dating as far back as 1948.

The picnic was held at Edward’s Park.

Approximately 300 attended the affair.

The picnic was organized by Douglass High principal Jones.

“This was a beautiful site to see,” the principal said, “and was an event designed to pull together Trojans from numerous classes as far as 1948 coming together for this event.”

“This kind of gathering of Trojans was the first in decades,” the principal continued, “with all of them showing our love and camaraderie.”

“We have a great opportunity to

“We have an opportunity to take advantage of this movement to further cement all of the Trojan family as truly the ‘pride of the eastside,’ ” remarked Larry D. Naff, an alumni of Douglass High and one of its more ardent supporters.

In addition to the principal, the picnic was organized by band director Jason Morgan.

Another organizer was Stephanie Jones, coordinator of the Douglass High School Booster Club.

The event’s food and refreshments were provided by Larry J. McNeal Catering Services.

“It was a great event that was designed to promote and renew interest in the community and alumni to come together to support Douglass High,” the school’s principal said.

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