NORMAN–A jury gave the death penalty to the man convicted in the brutal 2018 murder of  a 27-year-old woman.

Joseph Fidel Alliniece, 32, showed no emotion as Cleveland County District Judge Lori Walkley read the verdict.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the death penalty should be reserved for the worst of the worst, absolutely,” District Attorney Greg Mashburn told jurors in closing arguments on April 30.

“And there he sits,” the prosecutor said.  “The right thing is the right thing, hard or not.”

Mr. Alliniece stomped to death Brittani Young inside her apartment in front of her best friend on April 24, 2018, according to testimony at the trial.  

She was 27.

Her head was crushed on the living room floor and her left ear was ripped off.  

“This was shockingly evil,” the district attorney said.

Mr. Alliniece and Miss Young had known each other for years.  She had let him move in to her apartment near the University of Oklahoma so he could study for a commercial drivers license test.   He had been living in south Texas.

Days after he moved into her apartment, he attacked her when she tried to get him to move out.

He seized and confined the victim’s best friend, Kelly Nipper, when she came to the apartment during the attack, according to testimony.  

Also, he confined Miss Nipper’s 2-year-old daughter and took Miss Nipper’s cellphone, it was said during the trial.

According to testimony, Mr. Alliniece fled when the victim’s mother came to the apartment.  

He was arrested in Oklahoma City that night.

Jurors found him guilty of first-degree murder.  They rejected a defense request to find him guilty of first-degree manslaughter instead.

In addition, jurors found him guilty of two counts of kidnapping and one count of robbery by force or fear.

Then, jurors deliberated for the punishment phase of the trial for nearly five hours.

They agreed he should serve a life term for each kidnapping count and 15 years in prison for the robbery.

“Justice was done today for sure,” District Attorney Mashburn told reporters.

In asking for the death sentence, prosecutors put on evidence that he had been violent toward women previously.

They also put on evidence that he had grabbed a female inmate at the Cleveland County Jail.

“They both had been placed in the receiving area,” the prosecutor told reporters.  

“He was trying on clothes for jury trial and she went in to use the restroom.  

“He looked around, saw no one was watching, and went in after her and ended up grabbing her.”

Formal sentencing was set for July 9.  An appeal is automatic.

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