Poll: Cost of living, job opportunities top list of reasons people relocate



A new State Policy Network poll finds that 8% of all voters surveyed have moved to a new state in the past two years, with cost of living and job opportunities topping their list of reasons.

In addition, more than one-third (34%) of the 2,014 voters polled over a four-day period said they have at least considered relocating with roughly one in every three pointing to ost of living (36%), job opportunities (31%) and being closer to friends and family (30%) as fueling their decisions.

SPN messaging strategist Erin Norman said all the numbers send a clear and distinct message.

“I think it says that Americans are always on the lookout for opportunity,” Norman told The Center Square. “We are still in a period of post-pandemic flux where for many people jobs are not tied to physical locations anymore and labor shortages increase the ability to find a job in other communities. It’s a good time to consider a move if you have ever wanted to live somewhere else.”

At the same time, Norman said some of the findings in the poll serve to prove things aren’t always what they seem, as evidenced by just one-in-five respondents saying they made the decision to relocate based on general political climate.

“I’m not surprised by that figure,” she added. “It approximately matches the number of Americans who are highly polarized – it’s a much smaller number than you might think from watching cable news. Most Americans place a much higher value on other things in life – financial security, family, friends, and opportunity to engage in the activities they enjoy. Very few Americans are structuring their lives around politics.”

The poll, conducted in partnership with Morning Consult, had a margin of error of 2%.

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