Thanksgiving Travelers to Enjoy Lower Gas Prices, Predicts AAA



(AURN News) – This Thanksgiving, there’s a glimmer of relief for travelers at the gas pumps, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Despite the prevailing sense that costs are on the rise across various sectors as the nation battles inflation, AAA reports a continued decline in gas prices over the past several weeks.

In the latest update, AAA reveals that gas prices have dipped by six cents in the last week, with the national average settling at $3.34 per gallon. Remarkably, ten states are now boasting gas prices below the $3 per gallon threshold, offering respite to motorists in Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Comparing the current figures to the same period last year, the national average is a notable 40 cents lower, signifying a welcome break for consumers grappling with economic uncertainties. States such as Montana and Florida have witnessed some of the most significant drops, with both experiencing a 14-cent decrease in gas prices.

AAA also predicts that this Thanksgiving will mark the third busiest travel season by car since 2000. An estimated 49 million people are expected to hit the road.

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