White House defends Biden after poor debate performance



White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre rebuffed reporters questioning President Joe Biden’s mental acuity at a White House press briefing on Tuesday afternoon.

Many house Democrats have questioned President Biden’s physical and mental health due to his performance at the first presidential debate last week with former President Donald Trump.

This debate was the first rematch between Trump and President Biden in four years, as The Center Square previously reported.

Many supporters of the democratic party have expressed concerns about President Biden being up for potential re-election in Nov.

House Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas on Tuesday asked for Biden to step down from the presidential race, as The Center Square reported.

Jean-Pierre was asked by a reporter right off the bat about certain Democrats calling for Biden to step down from the presidential race during the press conference.

“We understand the concerns, we get it, the President did not have a good night,” said Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre denounced additional questions from reporters asking about President Biden’s mental fitness, saying repeatedly throughout the press briefing that the debate was a “bad night” for the president.

Jean-Pierre also said that President Biden was sick with “a cold” during the first 2024 presidential debate, which made his voice sound “hoarse” during.

When asked about rumors that President Biden may have been taking cold medicines or any other medications during the debate, Jean-Pierre denied these claims.

Jean-Pierre emphasized to those gathered at the press briefing that it is “not uncommon” for presidential candidates to “have a bad night on their first debate.”

Despite the ongoing criticism and concerns from the Democratic Party of President Biden’s mental fitness to serve a potential second presidential term if he is reelected, Jean-Pierre continued to defend him during the press briefing, referring to his “record” as the current president.

When asked about whether President Biden needed a medical examination or not after the presidential debate, Jean-Pierre said that their medical team “said it was not warranted in this case.”

“His focus is going to continue to deliver for the American people on the issues that they care about,” said Jean-Pierre.

When asked about Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, allegedly sitting in with his father at important meetings with senior advisors this week, Jean-Pierre said that President Biden is “very close to his family”. She added that President Biden and his son have been spending time with each other this week due to it being the week of Fourth of July.

Jean-Pierre also referenced “cheap fakes” and “misinformation” about President Biden stemming from the presidential debate during the briefing. She said that Biden was being “targeted by misinformation” by “certain members” of the media after his performance at last Thursday’s presidential debate.

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