NeNe Leakes & Chrissy Teigen Refreshed Faces With THESE Cosmetic Procedures

The holiday season is upon us and ’tis the season to have family and friends all up in your grill! It’s no surprise that celebrities like NeNe Leakes opt for minor enhancements just weeks before she carved the turkey.

Just two months ago, NeNe was the talk of social media, after fans noticed she looked like she had some work done, making a selfie from her Instagram page got viral.

Doesn’t she look good?

53-year-old NeNe reportedly got something called ‘facial balancing’ done to bring forth her inner beauty. According to Cosmetic Lane, NeNe received filler treatments to her jawline and chin for a sharper profile. Facial balancing is a common procedure done when a back-set chin is reharmonized in the correct ratio to the nose and lips, therefore, balancing out a side profile.

The cosmetic experts behind Cosmetic Lane say NeNe’s results can last up to 24 months.

This week, NeNe stepped out looking Thanksgiving ready and her face looked all healed.


Chrissy Teigen also got a face refresher with a new eyebrow transplant recently. The influencer shared an actual video during the procedure, excited about her results.

“I never wear makeup if I can avoid it so I was excited for this eyebrow transplant surgery.”

Chrissy said the procedure involved a doctor removing hairs from the back of her head and implanting them in her eyebrows.

Here’s Chrissy with her newer, more hairy, eyebrows.

What do YOU think of NeNe and Chrissy’s holiday enhancements?

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