Nielsen Report Profiles Black Radio Audiences

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The newest edition of Audio Today profiles how Black consumers use broadcast radio, podcasts and streaming, and satellite radio.

Audio Today is published by Nielsen Client Communications, the firm that does Nielsen ratings of radio stations throughout the country.

“As audio becomes an even more important part of the media diet for Black audiences, consumption is at all-time highs with radio–the original ad-supported audio channel–reaching more Black Americans each month than any other platform,” a Nielsen news release said.

The new report, available exclusively to Nielsen clients, includes key insights from the audio universe.

The report appendix includes listening profiles of key buying demographics, and contains reach figures, median ages and other psychographic factors.

Audio reaches 99 percent of the Black population each month (broadcast radio, podcasts, streaming music and satellite radio), while broadcast radio alone reaches 92 percent of adult, the news release pointed out.

“Radio generates 49 percent more incremental reach when added to an audio marketing plan that includes streaming, podcasting and satellite radio,” the news release noted.

“In the audio universe, only AM/FM radio can deliver the scale advertisers need to move products off the shelves.”

Black radio use spans the bulk of the day, reaching consumers on the path to purchase while they’re away from home and in the car,” a spokesman for Nielsen stated.

“In Nielsen’s Audio Diary markets, more than 70 percent of out-of-home listening occurs in the car,” the spokesman said.

“Our latest podcast trends reveal that comedy and music are the top genres among Black listeners, but many other genres (including sports, true crime, and television and film) have seen tremendous growth in the past few years,” the Nielsen spokesman pointed out.

“Urban Adult Contemporary, R&B and Urban Contemporary and Hip-Hop/R&B combined account for half of all radio listening on a monthly basis,” he said.

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