O.J. Simpson Slams Bill Cosby For Refusing To Take Sex Offender Courses, Now His Spokesperson Claps Back

O.J. Simpson has his own thoughts on embattled comedian Bill Cosby’s refusal to take the steps that could have earned him parole from his sexual assault sentence.

Last week, the Pennsylvania Parole Board rejected Cosby’s request for parole after he declined to participate in a therapy program for sexually violent predators, according to Reuters. Officials with the board said the 83-year-old would not be reconsidered for parole until the program is completed.

But O.J. Simpson, the NFL record holder who has gained infamy for his acquittal in a 1995 murder trial, and being convicted of armed robbery and felony in 2008, has some thoughts on Cosby’s decision. In a Twitter video, Simpson, 73, let loose on the one-time TV superstar.

“Bill Cosby decided not to take a court-ordered sexual course in prison and it probably cost him his parole so he’s not getting out,” Simpson said, turning to recall the nine years he spent in jail. “When I was in camp [prison], I took anything! [I took] all the courses. I wanted to get home to my kids.

“I got up and said, ‘Guys, I’m sorry I caught you trying to sell my stolen property,” he continued. “I’m sorry I yelled at you and I’m sorry that the state of California ruled it was my property, gave it back to me, and you didn’t make any money off my stolen property. I would have taken anything to get home and get out of prison.”

Watch the video below, which also includes critiques on Catilyn Jenner’ s qualifications to run for governor of California. 

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But Andrew Wyatt, a spokesperson for Cosby, was not happy with Mr. Simpson. 

He released an exclusive statement to The Shade Room, saying,  “Mr. Simpson was caught trying to retrieve his stolen items, unlawfully, which is the difference. Mr. Cosby has never admitted nor has ANY evidence been presented to prove that Mr. Cosby drugged and/or raped women.

“Why would Mr. Cosby accept parole, when we are waiting for the PA State Supreme Court to issue a ruling any day now on Mr. Cosby’s appeal, we are hoping they would vacate his conviction or warrant him a new trial,” Wyatt continued. “Mr. Simpson, being paroled is like being on a slave plantation, you are never free and you will always be the property of your oppressor. Enjoy your golf game.” 

A May 29 message posted to Cosby’s Instagram account accused the media of trying to  “manipulatie public opinion against” him. 

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In 2018, a jury convicted Cosby of three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his Philadelphia home in 2004. Several other women, including former supermodel Beverly Johnson, also accused the comedian of similar assaults.

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