Oath Keepers defendant Jessica Watkins sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison for role in Jan. 6 attack

Jessica Watkins, a army veteran from Ohio who based a military in the realm, has been sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison for her involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack. Watkins used to be discovered in charge of a lot of criminal fees, together with obstructing Congress and interfering with police, however used to be acquitted of probably the most critical seditious conspiracy rely after admitting to a lot of her movements throughout the revolt and disputing any seditious habits.

During the trial, prosecutors accused Watkins of mobilizing a workforce of Oath Keepers to shuttle to Washington, D.C, in enhance of then-President Donald Trump’s makes an attempt to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election. They stated Watkins accumulated guns outdoor of Washington to deliver to the Capitol and, at the day of the attack, led the formation of a military-style stack to breach the development.


Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins
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Prosecutors offered the jury with a lot of messages and recordings of Watkins discussing plans to head to the Capitol on Jan. 6 and stating that the gang “stormed the Capitol” throughout the attack over a radio-like virtual conversation app. 

Watkins, who’s transgender, defined that she went AWOL from her army carrier after her identification used to be uncovered and used to be therefore condemned by way of her roommate. She mentioned that she fled to Alaska as a result of her circle of relatives didn’t settle for her. During her trial, she referred to as herself “another idiot” throughout the Capitol development, a a part of the mob.

During Friday’s sentencing, turning in a pre-written and emotional expression of regret, Watkins advised Judge Amit Mehta that she used to be sorry for her movements on Jan. 6, acknowledging that her habits used to be now not simplest unsuitable, however legal.

“There is no justification for impeding those officers in the hallways,” Watkins stated. “My actions there are reprehensible…today you are going to hold this idiot responsible…my actions added to the cumulative problem that was Jan. 6.” Watkins in particular apologized to the officials she impeded and expressed her disgrace at her habits.

Her lawyer, Jonathan Crisp, argued that Watkins’ trauma and rejection contributed to her ideals and vulnerability to participate in the revolt. Crisp stated that Watkins has labored to confront most of the ideals that driven her to act on Jan. 6, together with her anger against the trans neighborhood. However, prosecutors maintained that she may just now not be absolved of her movements.

Judge Amit Mehta sentenced Watkins to 102 months in prison, acknowledging that Watkins first based her military workforce in Ohio to serve her neighborhood however that it were “waylaid” most probably by way of on-line extremist voices. The pass judgement on additionally mentioned that Watkins’ adventure referring to her gender identification had made it arduous for him to reconcile her loss of worry for the sufferers of the Capitol breach.

Two different Oath Keepers leaders had been up to now sentenced seditious conspiracy fees on Thursday. More participants of the far-right workforce will likely be sentenced subsequent week on seditious conspiracy convictions.

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