Officials Identify Two Shot Victims

Police identified the names of two shooting victims found early one Sunday morning in a stopped vehicle in a traffic lane on Interstate 35.

Deontae Thomas, 30, was killed, and Shreya Govindji, 24, was injured around 4 a.m. on March 28 on I-35 near SE 23rd Street.7

“There was an Oklahoma County deputy for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office who saw a vehicle stopped completely in a lane of traffic,” said MSgt. Dillion Quirk of the Oklahoma City Police Department.  

“As the deputy approached the bullet-riddled SUV, he found Thomas dead in the passenger’s seat.

“He’d been hit several times.”

Mr. Govindji was shot in the leg and taken to a nearby hospital after emergency services arrived on the scene, the spokesman for the police department said, and drivers were instructed to exit onto SE 29th and proceed to the SE 15th ramp.

“We’re working through what the motive is of this shooting, who the suspects are,” said MSgt.  Quirk, “and, again, [the investigation] is in the very early stages.” 

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