On Jan. 25 Women’s Pipeline to Politics Seminar Planned by Groups

A Women’s Pipeline to Politics leadership seminar will be held from 8:30a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday,

Jan. 25, at the Sarkey’s Science & Mathematics Center at Oklahoma City University, 2500 N. Blackwelder

Ave. A reception will be held beginning on the evening of Friday, Jan. 24, at Stitch Café, 8335 W. Sheridan Ave.

The one-day seminar is sponsored by the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition and the Carl Albert Congressional Research & Studies

Center. To be discussed is the under-representation of women in elected office in Oklahoma. The non-partisan, educational

program hopes to attract women interested in engaging in public service and politics.

 Oklahoma ranks as one of the least gender diverse states in the nation with women comprising only 21.5 percent of the State Legislature, compared to nearly 29 percent nationwide, a statement said. The goal of “Pipeline to Politics,” as the leadership programs is called, is to address the  historically low numbers of women in politics and public life. The seminar will provide participants with the necessary tools to enter, stay in and “emerge from the ‘political pipeline,’ ” the statement said.

Noted professional consultants and elected. Democratic and Republican officials will lead discussions designed to provide information on resources “that will allow

participants to craft successful campaigns,” the statement added. “Research shows that women make government more transparent, inclusive and accessible,” the statement said.

“Women bring different priorities and experiences to public life, including perspectives that have been largely absent in public policymaking,” said Lauren Schueler, director of Women’s Leadership

Programs at the University of Oklahoma. “Women change the way government works,” she went on, “and their voices are needed in Oklahoma.” In order for Oklahoma to thrive, there must be equal representation for

women in leadership at all levels of government,’’ Liz Charles, executive director of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition, stated.

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