On Nov. 20

Pittman Is Set To Be Sworn-In

State Rep. Ajay Pittman (Dem., Oklahoma City) will be sworn-in during virtual ceremonies set for 10 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 20, at the State Capitol.

Oklahoma City Municipal Court Judge Christina R. Kirk will conduct the ceremonies. State Rep. Pittman will begin her second term in January. The public may watch the ceremonies online at ajaypittman.com

“I am honored to stand on the shoulders of women who are giants that have led in Oklahoma and in a State Legislatures all across the nation,” State Rep. Pittman said in a a statement.

“It is an honor to celebrate 1921 Suffrage Movement who fought for their right to vote 100 years ago.” “I am living a legacy and wish to thank the voters of state House District 99, who trust me to serve in a seat previously held by strong women.”

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