Once More Lowe to Try Again to Undo Gun Law

State Rep. Jason Lowe and supporters said Monday they will begin another petition drive to try undoing the state’s permitless carry gun law.

The state legislator who tried unsuccessfully to get petition signatures to put a state question on the ballot aimed at undoing the permitless carry gun law has launched a new campaign.

After last year’s failure, State Rep. Jason Lowe (Dem., Oklahoma City) and his supporters were unsuccessful in getting the Oklahoma Supreme Court to derail the law, which allowed practically anyone in Oklahoma to carry a gun without a permit.

This week, the state legislator announced he has begun yet another petition drive.

State Rep. Lowe and supporters hope that allowing voters to decide on the law will derail it.

The law went into effect on Nov. 1.

They launched their petition drive on Monday.

“We are not trying to take away people’s guns,” he said.  “What we are trying to do is require a permit and training.

 L “We trust the voters in the state of Oklahoma to make this decision, not the politicians at the Capitol.”

Moms Demand Action is a group that is aligned with State Rep. Lowe.

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