Op-Ed: Flyers in Mexico urge border crossers to vote for Biden



“Just because someone is here illegally doesn’t mean that they broke any of our laws. We should only deport illegal aliens if they do something illegal.” – Nancy Pelosi

America is blessed to be a nation founded by enlightenment thinkers who believed man could rule man without monarchal oversight. The result of this great republican experiment produced the longest lasting written constitution in history. Our founders empowered all legal citizens with the right to vote in all elections to guarantee they were governed by their equals, not some ruling class.

Since the power to vote is the power to govern, ensuring election integrity is a patriotic duty for all Americans. It’s a sign of maturity for first time voters and a badge of honor for legal immigrants that tie them to America. Voting has been defended on our battlefields and debated in town halls and public taverns. Voting prevented a Communist insurrection in America after the last great war.

American children were taught in public schools the importance of our elections. Armed with a civics education they entered society with the knowledge and tools to protect the voting rights in our republic to prevent socialists, Communists, and self-seeking factions from taking control of our nation.

“Let us never split into factions which will destroy our union’s unity and valor.” – Patrick Henry

Until 1979, public schools taught our kids a complete civics education. When President Jimmy Carter needed support with his failing reelection bid, he traded public education to the teacher unions for votes. By creating the Department of Education, he federalized our local public schools This opened the door for progressives to seize control of our classrooms and indoctrinate our children with federalism.

Since 1979, we’ve had a rapid decline in teaching basic civics in our schools. To insure “fairness and diversity,” progressives replaced teaching the real history of our nation, and our duty to protect it with leftist ideology that it’s more important to be fair and nice than it is to be honest and truthful.

Since President Joe Biden opened the border to fill our states with more illegal migrants knowing they will vote Democrat, there has been an increase in our states passing laws to codify their voting integrity. And states that have passed voter ID laws to protect their elections have been constantly attacked by progressives.

“States that pass voter ID laws disenfranchise blacks.” – Kamala Harris

Muckraker just released a video of a flood of “Vote for president Biden” flyers plastered all over an illegal camp in Mexico. Mexico knows that telling illegals to vote in our elections shows a total lack of respect for our election laws and it is “in-your-face” meddling in U.S. elections and a felony.

These flyers were posted by the nongovernmental organization Resource Center Matamoros in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The flyers contained their trademarked logo. Yet the founder of the Resource Center denies ownership. “My organization doesn’t know who did this.” – Gaby Zavala

U.S. citizens have reported seeing these flyers at RCM center shelters near Brownsville and other shelters adjacent to the Mexico-Texas border. Every one of them contains the RCM logo and every flyer reminds illegal immigrants “to remember to vote for president Biden when they get to the United States. We need another four years of president Biden in office to keep the U.S. border open.”

A conversation between Zavala and an unidentified male revealed he wants to get as many illegals as possible across the border before the next election.

RCM provides information to those on the Mexican side of the border. They lobby Mexican and U.S. lawmakers to keep the border open. In a recent Congressional meeting, Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kansas, testified, “Democrats want permanent power and they are importing a new electorate to do just that. They are deserting the principles that built their party and those of their party members. The vote for Biden flyers found in México clearly shows that Mexico is meddling in U.S. elections.”

Marshall reminded all of us, “Joe Biden has sacrificed our nation’s safety and security to fill our states with illegals since he thinks they will vote Democrat. This is election interference from the highest level and office in America.” Yet nobody in his administration has been charged with violating America’s federal election statutes. Democrats think they are above the law and won’t be punished for their actions. It is time that Congress stood up to the left and put an end to this.

In a TV interview, Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC. stoically remarked, “This shows Biden’s promise of clean elections was just idle talk. Biden is responsible for increasing election interference and voter fraud. This president has allowed the invasion of millions of illegal immigrants into the U.S. that threatens America’s security and election integrity.” Anyone receiving federal funding that encourages illegal immigrants to get-out-and-vote for President Biden must be stripped of their funding immediately.

Patrick Rothfuss wrote, “Power and stupidity together are dangerous.” When Biden eked out a victory over populist Donald Trump last election, the Democrats pulled every rabbit out of their election hat to sell Biden to their gaggle of victory hungry voters. They’ve done that for the past three years to cover up dangerous faux pas by the Biden-Harris team. They’ve punished Donald Trump unmercifully since he left office, fearing a rematch with him. The left has mastered the art of using others to do their dirty work for them. And they will keep this up until Election Day 2024.

“Since the power to vote is the power to govern,” this is a prime example why we need election reform laws to protect the integrity of our republic. Democrats claim to be the gatekeepers of democracy, yet they brutalize every state that passes voter ID laws. The left’s only proposal for election reform is federalizing all elections by closing the polls and mandating all mail in voting.

“If the federal government was in charge of elections, there’d be no corruption.” – Joe Biden

A 2019 study by the National Bureau of Economics reviewed 10 years of turnout data from across the country. They concluded “voter ID laws have no effect on registration or turnout, for any group defined by race, gender, age, or party affiliation.” In fact, when Democrats claim Black Americans can’t deal with voter ID laws, this is a patronizingly racist view of minority voters. Polling shows that 84% of the public supports voter ID laws regardless of race, ethnicity, or political party affiliation.

Remember, the power to vote is the power to govern. Our Enlightenment founders ensured us the power of self rule to protect us from being governed by our inferiors. Do we want illegal aliens to have the same powers that were gifted to U.S. citizens? The fate of our democracy rests in our ability to ensure only U.S. citizens can vote.

“Anyone who is providing ineligible non-citizens with information on how to register to vote, undoubtedly encourages them to illegally register to vote, exposing them to a legal jeopardy far beyond their illegal immigration status.” – Garland Watson

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