Op-Ed: Hamas terrorists divide Democratic Party



“Want to make a Democrat running for office squirm? Ask them about Gaza.” – Jeff Horseman

The terrorist group that violently seized control of Palestine in 2007 has ruled the Gaza Strip for 17 years. Hamas leaders worth over $11 billion who live in Qatar are the second most wealthy terror group in the world. Supported by Iran, they have an abundance of cash to finance their terrorist activities.

That is a sharp contrast to life in Gaza, where people languish in poverty. Four months after their devastating attack on Israel, over two million Palestinians are living at risk of hunger and disease. They have become human shields for air strikes on make shift shelters, camps and tent cities.

The Hamas attacks on Israel in October 2023, were the most deadly terrorist attacks in the region’s history. This war has killed well over 17,000 Palestinians so far. World nations are asking why did Hamas attack Israel knowing what it would do to Palestine would be so deadly? The Washington Post reported a note found on a dead Hamas terrorist read, “Kill every Jew possible; spare none.”

Hamas gunmen showed no mercy as waves of Hamas terrorists stormed across Gaza’s border into Israel, killing over 1,200 people. They killed children, the elderly and 364 others at a music festival. They burned over 300 babies alive and took over 250 hostages back to Gaza. They left evidence of rape and violent sexual attacks on Jewish women in the streets around the Israel-Gaza border.

With growing support for Hamas in the Democratic Party, after America has been such a a close ally of Israel since the end of the Great War, this is disturbingly concerning for most Americans. It was Democrat President Harry Truman who was first to realize the importance to ally with Israel.

Since Oct. 7, we’ve seen many brief explanations of Hamas that gloss over what they stand for before trying to rationalize Israel’s deadly response to Hamas terrorists. People are so conditioned to keep the spotlight on Israeli, they haven’t taken time to fully understand the motives of Hamas. To fully understand what happened on Oct. 7 in Israel, we must totally understand Hamas from A to Z.

In three decades, Hamas has violently been eliminating Israeli rule. It’s made steady progress while bringing enormous suffering to Palestine and Israel. Its recent barbarous incursion is its deadliest gambit yet. Israel’s unprecedented response could end Hamas’s 16-year rule over the Gaza Strip.

“Palestine is ours from the river to the sea, from the south to the north.” – Khled Veshaac, Hamas

Israeli researcher Shaul Shay said, Hamas “miscalculated” Israel’s response and now faces a far worse conflict than it had anticipated. Shay went on, “I hope that Israel will not stop until Hamas has been defeated in the Gaza Strip. I doubt they anticipated anything like this type of response.”

Hamas exists for only one reason: its holy mission is to destroy Israel by killing every Jew. Hamas leaders believe every Palestinian life must be sacrificed in pursuit of their mission. Hamas terrorist leaders have shown they care nothing about Palestine. Hamas’ brand of antisemitism has proven to the global community that Palestine is only a pawn in their deadly game to kill all Jews at any cost.

A key component of terrorism is to bombard nations with disinformation about the causes they undertake and who finances them. Their goal is to mask their real agenda by creating false narratives like the left does with race. This is how they get support from sub-groups worldwide.

Looking at the growing support for this militant terrorist group over Israel by Democrats should be a concern. How can the left desert an ally of over 100 years in favor of supporting rogue terrorists?

Hamas convinced the global society that white Jewish Israel has suppressed the rights of Palestine since they are people of color. They’ve camouflaged their mission to kill every Jew alive into ending racial discrimination. Yet they will sacrifice every Palestinian life in their quest to demolish Israel.

Biden’s response to the Israel-Hamas war sparked harsh criticism from progressives and people of color. Members of the Squad in the House accused him of empowering Israel to retaliate in a way that will put the lives of tens of thousands of Gaza Palestinians at risk.

“I want Joe Biden to know as a Palestinian American of the Muslim faith, I wont ever forget this.” – Rashida Tlaib

The growing Democratic split over the Israel-Hamas war has gone from college campuses into the halls of Congress with leaders feuding over Israel-Hamas legislation. Just last week, nine House Democrats voted against a resolution to condemn Hamas and support Israel. Six voted “present.”

Democrat lawmakers openly revealed that upcoming votes on a half dozen bills are fanning the flames of a tense situation for Democrats months before the next election. They are baffled.

“Israel has a right to self defense but they don’t have a right to commit war crimes.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

One liberal group, “J Street,” is lobbying Democrats to vote against a GOP resolution condemning support of Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations on college campuses. They also urge Democrats to vote against sanctions on Iran that deny them from owning nuclear weapons.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt told the Wall Street Journal, “It has been an incredibly clarifying moment for many Jews. The party they supported since immigration is now selling them out to secure votes in Arab communities. They feel abandoned in their hour of need.”

Jose Rozel wrote, “Perception is not facts.” Most free world nations recognize Palestine is only an excuse for Hamas to annihilate Israel. They will not stop until Jewish blood runs through the streets of Gaza. Too many Democrats conceive it’s OK to throw Israel under the bus and support Hamas since Palestinians are people of color? Yet Hamas will kill all Palestinians while killing all Jews.

We must continue to provide weapons to Israel and aid to Palestine. But with Democrats feuding, it is getting difficult to do. Progressives need an education! Supporting Hamas hurts Palestine. They hate Hamas as much as Hamas hates Jews. Their naïveté is hamstringing efforts to end this war.

“When Biden saw Palestinians protesting the war, he dumped support for Israel.” – Donald Trump

Democrats often use race to bait the hook for fidelity to their party. Portraying this war is about ending racial discrimination against people of color is way too tempting for them to give up. This is playing right into the hands of Hamas terrorists, who will not give up until they kill every Jew alive.

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

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Read the Black Chronicle Black History Edition for Free! Click Below



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