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“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its own leader – this is my greatest apprehension.” – George Washington

The miracle of America was a product of 17th century Enlightenment theorems. The thinker that defined republicanism was John Locke. He theorized man’s nature for survival would protect him from tyranny. He had the ability to rule by granting consent to those who governed. Government’s duty was to protect his natural rights of life, liberty, property and equality. It must secure social and legal justice. If the government ever failed to do this, its citizens should revolt and dissolve it.

During the Convention of 1787, these ideas were ingrained in our Constitution. It made America the first Constitutional Republic on the globe. They fashioned a representative government of self rule where each man controlled his destiny and the minority was never disenfranchised by the majority.

Our founders had heated debates on how to articulate this republic, but collectively conceded to never allow political parties to destroy the masterpiece they created. They purposely eliminated all provisions for political parties in our Constitution. But little did they know that shelter of protection would be lost at the first Congress in 1798 when two of our founders ripped the nation into halves?

What our framers feared most has disrupted governing our country since. While COVID-19 has had a deadly impact on our nation, its ravage is paling in comparison to the destruction the socialist left is inflicting on our republic since they took total control of government. The far left and socialists are enacting policies that will do more damage to the U.S. than any pandemic could possibly inflict.

The Centers for Disease Control recorded over 620,000 unborn babies lost to abortion in 2016, or approximately 1,700 lives a day. Socialists and the left are not content with defending this practice. They want to make it easier for women to abort young humans at any time during their pregnancy.

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” – Ronald Reagan

Mexico will not cooperate with the U.S. on helping to control human or drug cartel trafficking. Yet the International Institute for Strategic Studies ranks it second to Afghanistan and Somalia as the most dangerous country in the world. And socialists and liberals have vowed to maintain an open border policy which cut all of Donald Trump’s security measures.

Under the banner of racism, socialists and the far left have attacked law enforcement for trying to maintain law and order in our nation. They’ve turned the other cheek to groups such as Antifa who have been rioting in our cities.

Socialists and liberals support defunding law enforcement to punish them for doing their job.

“Our cities spend far too much on policing in this country than is necessary.” – Kamala Harris

Both Harris and Biden have refused to address questions about “packing the Supreme Court with more leftist judges. Their goal would be to turn the court into an arm of the Democratic Party. This scheme was tried by Franklin D. Roosevelt, but his own Congress turned against him, led by Democrat Josh Baily.

“Roosevelt is out of control and he has become a liability to our party and our nation.” – Josh Baily

Our founders created a separation of powers to insure the people always controlled government; it never controlled them. If the left does this to the judicial branch it will negate its primary virtue. It is totally non-political so it can pass judgment on all laws to insure they never abridge our liberties.

Socialists and the far left must pay back the blue state governors who purposely kept their states locked down to help Democrats take over government. They will pass taxpayer funded legislation to bail out these states only. Others that have shown no spending discipline, such as Illinois, New York and California, will surely get other taxpayer’s dollars to help pay for their public pension debt.

“Its easier to hide increased benefits from taxpayers than huge ridiculous raises.” – Olivia Mitchell

Progressives and their socialist allies are forcing through major legislation that limits business startups and independent workers. They’ve granted increased power to labor unions to empower them over management. Public sector unions will see all their wishes come true. They will make every attempt to undercut “right to work” laws, and prevent other states from passing new ones.

Leftist control of D.C. will end or curtail most programs such as vouchers, tax credits and charter schools for school choice advocates. While these programs do a far superior job of educating our youth than our failed public school system, especially in poor and ethnic communities, they are in jeopardy. Since school choice is a threat to unionized public schools, they will slowly fade away.

Fiscal support for roads and highways are playing second fiddle to leftist pipedreams like new high-speed rail and more mass rapid transit systems. Since the GOP controlled at least one house of Congress, they have effectively shut down any further funding for projects like California’s failed high-speed rail project. Expect a massive influx of federal money to finance more strange vehicles that go to weird places.

“Rockets are the most dangerous form of transportation.” – Steven Magee

Thomas Jefferson said, “As a government grows, liberty decreases.” The intent of our Constitution was not to have a government that controlled us. Our representatives were supposed to answer to the people and do what “the people tell them to do.” Now they think this is “their government,” not “ours.” The politicians we just elected are the worst Americans we’ve ever had in office. They think we are a socialist nation? We learned in pre-common core schools this is a Constitutional republic.

Socialism is the forbidden fruit of America’s youth. We have ventured down a dangerous path with socialists teaming with the liberal left advocating laws to dramatically change America to appease identity groups. They are advancing a personal agenda that is contrary to the core principles which our country was built upon. The false allurement of socialism is a cancer eating away our republic one bad law at a time. The way to kill cancer is to cut it out one election at a time until it is gone.

America is a republican nation. These politicians have vowed to govern contrary to the will of those they govern. They are guilty of crimes against the constitution they swore to defend and to honor.

The left is selling socialism as liberalism to gullible identity groups and others with special interests contrary to the will of the majority.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” – Socialist Norman Thomas

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