Op-Ed: The Left’s Kamala Harris conundrum



“I am prepared to lead if Joe steps down. I’ve always been a leader, not a follower.” – Kamala Harris

When Joe Biden wheeled and dealed his way into the presidency, he sold his soul to the devil. Like Obama, his fate was collated by the beltway. They were only looking for a memory from the past to calm the nerves of today’s voters who feared for the future of their republic under socialist Bernie Sanders. The DNC panicked and exhorted Biden out of his basement bunker to bridle the storm.

Bernie is living proof that the left over-sold socialism to America and they needed to derail the Sanders express. With Bernie winning at every whistle stop, the DNC needed a Marionette whose strings they could pull while the party sang Kumbaya. Also knowing Biden was ailing and could only take the beltway heat so long, they could justify replacing him with a woman of color in a few months.

The DNC hand-picked Harris as Biden’s running mate long before voters knew it was a done deal. The Democrats knew Harris had an adumbral past, but they also knew there was a treasure chest of left coast cash and an army of wealthy young progressives eager to spend it on one of their own.

“Voters in California know my record and will always show their support for me” – Kamala Harris

Months after Harris was elected vice president, she fell into disfavor with liberal media due to her inability to answer simple questions. She moaned and groaned that she’d been relegated to second class duties unbefitting her historic status as the first woman of color ever elected vice president of America.

When Harris’ presidential campaign lost support, ran out of cash and then folded, no one expected to hear from her again. She spent her campaign muckraking Biden’s checkered civil rights past and his flip flopping on segregation and busing. She never focused on her qualifications for president.

“Joe Biden’s record on civil rights is worse than many Klu Klux Klan members!” – Kamala Harris

As talk about Biden’s inability to run again moved to the national stage, liberal media and the Democrats tried to rewrite Harris’s narrative. After interviews with dozens of leftist operatives, aides and staffers, they concede Harris is a paradoxical enigma. Instead of acting as Biden’s understudy, she believes everything she does is historic, since she is the first woman of color elected as VP.

Democrat Larry Summer remarked, “I can’t think of one thing Harris has done to convince me to vote for her.” Even her supporters fear she hasn’t defined her leadership skills as the 2024 election looms over her head. Considering Biden’s health and age, she lacks the tools to run for president.

Since she took office, the West Wing has been in turmoil. Her job site is a revolving door moving staffers in and out of office before they get a chance to build a relationship with her. She bullies a “her way or no way” attitude, which makes it impossible for staffers to communicate with her.

When Harris whined about her status, Biden put her in charge of the border crisis. Harris visited two Central American countries and alienated both leaders. In Catholic Guatemala, pro abortion Harris was booed upon arrival. When she told President Alejandro Giammattei that people flee to the U.S because of government corruption, Giammattei said, “We don’t agree with you and Joe Biden.” In Mexico, she told President Andrés López Obrador that people flee to the U.S. to escape judicial corruption. This was right after López Obrador’s party lost its leadership role in the country’s most violent election.

In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt on her trip to Guatemala and Mexico, when confronted with avoiding the border, she annoyingly giggled, “Well, you know I have not been to Europe either.”

If we think of leading names in the field of artificial intelligence, Kamala Harris isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Harris can’t communicate in plain English. Under pressure to quell a storm brewing about Harris’ intellect, Biden made her “Head of Artificial Intelligence.” As she giggled and cackled another off the cuff “word salad speech,” it was clear she knew nothing about artificial intelligence.

Speaking in Louisiana, Harris rambled about the significance of the passage of time, repeating the phrase four times without addressing the question asked. In a speech on climate change, she said, “We will work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules, and these new agreements.” Huh?

When Harris was put in charge of voting rights, she made no progress passing the progressive bill to federalize all elections. Instead, she spent all of her political capital trying to sell the Senate and America on the concept of mail-in voting, which created havoc in the last election for everyone.

According to a new NBC News poll, only 32% of registered voters have a positive view of Harris, compared to 49% with a negative view, including 39% with a “very negative view.” This leaves Harris with a net -17 rating, which NBC News noted is “the lowest for any VP in the poll’s history.”

OutKick founder Clay Travis tweeted, “Kamala Harris is the least liked vice president in American history.” Radio host Matt Murphy remarked the poll indicates exactly “why they are rerunning Joe.”

Joe Concha of Fox News added, “It is time Kamala Harris acted like she has entered adulthood.”

Jim Rohn told us, “Credibility once lost is lost forever.” Once you allow yourself to become a dog with a bad name, that reputation will follow you to the grave. No amount of internet fandom can rescue Harris from her disastrous performance as VP. Although she tries to suppress her annoying cackle, it is embedded deep within her personality. If she doesn’t have a canned White House retort written in stone, her defense mechanism is to blatantly giggle an incoherent word salad response.

Harris claims media hasn’t built up her political equity. When Biden’s mental acuity was questioned by the DOJ, Harris publicly announced she was the only one fit to lead our nation if Biden decides not to run. She didn’t consult with anyone in her party. Its early to tell, but if Biden quits late in the race, as bad as her polling numbers are, will progressives take a chance and roll the dice with her?

When Harris landed in Washington, she expected to be put on a pedestal and worshiped like a queen. But she quickly learned she was better off as a big fish in a small sea. She never accepted her role of banal public servant, which has made life miserable for everyone around her. She never had to perform at any political position since every job she held fell into her lap like a falling star.

Since progressives hate to lose, don’t count anyone out until Election Day. The media turned community organizer Barack Obama into a celebrity and they can do the same thing with Kamala Harris if the DNC is desperate enough.

“The biggest problem I’ve had in Washington is that people just don’t understand what I can do.” – Kamala Harris

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