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“What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.” – Hans Urs von Balthasa

A recent Pew Research survey validates that over 65% of Americans describe themselves as Christians. Polls taken next year will reveal a sharp increase in American Christians due to the influx of illegal aliens from Central and South America, Cuba, African republics and Mexico.

The Association of Religion Data Archives lists countries with the highest number of Christians. The United States tops the list at 70%, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, The Republic of Congo, Italy, Russia, Ethiopia and China round out the top ten. Chinese Christians are free to worship under close government scrutiny. Vatican City, a city state, has 825 citizens and is 100% Christian.

Christianity spread worldwide because it was not tied to an ethnic group and open to everyone. Its value for human life and acts of charity were appealing. Since Christianity was built on common universal middle-class morals, values, and it bonded people in peaceful worship, it was universally accepted.

“We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone.” – Martin Luther

According to data obtained from the UN, the WHO and verified statistics, Christianity is the largest religion in the world with 2.4 billion followers. European colonization spread the gospel across the world and missionaries were welcomed into British colonies under European occupation. People welcomed their calming message, their gift of friendship and help organizing primitive societies.

Our founders came from Christian religions. Most were Protestants. The largest numbers were Anglican, John Jay, George Washington, and Edward Rutledge. John Adams and Samuel Adams as well as Richard Stockton and the Rev. John Witherspoon were Presbyterians. Others were Quakers and Lutherans. Two Catholic founders, Charles and Daniel Carroll, founded Maryland.

Every session of the Constitutional Convention in 1778 was opened with a prayer asking for the Lord’s guidance in developing a new Constitution. When it seemed the Convention would “bust,” George Washington, a devout Anglican, calmed the waters of discontent with a prayer. He asked the delegates to ally for the common good of our nation and he took charge of the Convention.

Although many older nations followed the Christian principles listed in the Bible, America was the first nation founded on Christian principles. Our founders referenced the Ten Commandments, the Bible, English Common Law and the Magna Carta, which all mention the “God given rights of man.”

Our Pledge of Allegiance describes America as “one nation under God,” and Washington, D.C. is replete with Biblical references inscribed in marble everywhere. During the terrorist attacks on 9/11, politicians from both parties gathered together hand in hand and prayed to our Creator for peace and protection for all Americans. In our darkest hour, they turned to their holy deity for guidance.

During WWII, one brave API front line journalist wore dog tags that said, “If you find me laying here breathing or not, please call a Chaplin before a medic since I would rather save my soul than my life.” He died during the invasion of Okinawa, Japan, when 60,000 U.S. soldiers invaded the island.

For the past two plus decades, with the rise of the progressive regression, we’ve witnessed attacks on every Christian religion, their institutions, traditions, celebrations, and commitment to uphold and live by the ten commandments. Joe Biden, once a Catholic, refused to prosecute those who invaded the homes of Christian Supreme Court justices. When they picketed the courts, which is a federal offense, he remarked, “You know, there’s a lot of tension out there, so let them release it.”

Americans remain the most religious people in the industrialized world: 87% believe in God, two-thirds say they’re Christians, and 45% attend religious services at least once a month and 23% go to church weekly. Once Democratic Catholics Al Smith and JFK respected religion. FDR used religion to bolster morale during World War II. And few Democrats openly criticized Christianity.

Now that the party has been taken over by progressives, things have changed. The party of Biden, Bernie, AOC, and Kamala is increasingly hostile to religion. They depict it as a force for repression and a danger to democracy. Amy Barrett’s private prayer group was called a “Christo-fascist” cult. The left is notorious for such hyperbole regarding religion, much like Nero had been in Rome.

A study from the Survey Center on American Life shows that the Democratic Party has shifted dramatically in the past few decades to the far left to become more diverse, more liberal and far less religious. “Party leaders must negotiate among competing groups with distinct preferences, making it impossible to develop coherency. A handful of radical progressives disrupt Congress.”

Surrounded by beltway progressives, Barack Obama was heavily influenced by secularism. The progressives cannot control a united nation. Their goal was to divide and conquer America using a minority of identity and special interest groups to question and undermine all American institutions that bonded people socially and politically. They have successfully deepened the political divide.

And few of the God-fearing American Christian majority has done anything to stop this assault.

Religion and patriotism are the two things that stand in the way of the progressive’s goal to remake America into a nation controlled by an elitist minority of wealthy far left idealists. That is why they have been attacking religion, morality, our Christian holidays and all those who founded America.

B. R. Ambedkar wrote, “Religion teaches liberty, equality and fraternity.” Christianity is the driving force that unites nations. People who worship together work together to fend off disruptive minority uprisings. It is hard to fathom a Christian America is allowing a small group of progressives to attack, undermine, change, rename and eliminate many of our most sacred religious institutions.

When the Romans ceased worshiping, their fertility rate dropped by 50%. Historians attribute the fall of Rome to a declining population, bad health and secular emperors who struggled for power. They conclude apathy and lassitude and loss of bonding with faith commenced when Nero blamed Christianity for Rome’s decline. A nation that lowers its moral, ethical, and spiritual threshold to appease a small majority of misfits is discrediting the will of the majority. This opens the floodgates for social and unabated chaos. This discontent is reflected in its economy and destroys patriotism.

Progressivism is a cancer that invades governments and slowly destroys the foundation that they were built upon.

“America was founded by people who believe that God was their rock of safety. It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor.”- George Washington

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