‘Pave Way’ Initiative To Start

LANGSTON—A “Pave-the-Way” initiative is underway in the city of Langston.

A news release from the Langston Planning & Economic Development Group said the initiative is a revitalization project that will improve the city’s infrastructure.

“Pave-the-Way will get underway on Feb. 1.

“The initiative offers residents, local businesses, Langston University alumni and athletes to make a lasting impact on the community by sponsoring a street and covering the cost of its renovation,” Mayor Michael Boyles said.

Because of anyone’s support, a street will be named in his or her honor.

Ceremonies will be held to recognize sponsors at the end of the project.

The city has been awarded $300,000 in Association of Central Oklahoma Governments grants to complete the infrastructure improvement project.

In recent months, the group has been meeting with the Logan County Economic Development Council, as well as with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to discuss resources available to the city and those meetings led to the development of the project, the news release noted.

Consequently, the group will be applying for grants for the project.

The initiative will be launched during Black History Month, the news release said.

“We are encouraging everybody in the community to get involved,” a statement said, “and make a difference in the city of Langston.”

Information on the project is available online at pavethewayforlangston.com or is available to those who call (405)788-2178.

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