Peruvian Comedy Show Faces Social Media Wrath For Wearing Blackface, Parodying Will And Jada Pinkett Smith

The shocking blow that Will Smith delivered to Chris Rock for mocking Jada Pinkett-Smith at the 94th Annual Oscar Awards has prompted parodies worldwide.

A Peruvian comedy show, JB on ATV, faces public wrath for its recent segment of actors imitating the acclaimed Smith couple in blackface. Rock was also included in the sketch.

According to reports, Peruvian comedian Carlitos Vilchez, who portrayed Will, posted photos of him and his costar, Dayanita, playing as Jada on Instagram. Social media doesn’t hold back while highlighting the topic of racism within the Latin community. The images are now-deleted, but Twitter users have since then reposted and circulated them for more people to see.

According to some Twitter users, the comedy show has a history of using blackface to portray characters in skits, like Encanto.


Other users, who hail from Latin culture, described personal experiences dealing with racism or colorism in their own families.

The full video of the sketch can be seen below:


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