Philadelphia Entrepreneur Offers McDonald’s Workers Higher Paying Jobs If They Walk Out On the Spot

A Philadelphia entrepreneur visited a McDonald’s drive-thru and ordered an employee to go! The restaurant owner recorded the incident on her Instagram account.

Saudia Shuler, who is the owner of the popular restaurant Country Cookin’, stopped by a McDonald’s, ordered food, and when she approached the window, she asked the worker, “How much you make here an hour?” to which the young lady responds, “$8.25.”

Shuler then asks, “Would you like to make $12 an hour?

After the woman responds yes, Shuler tells her, “Walk out. Let’s go. Come get in the car with aunty.”

Shuler continued, “You wanna work? Let’s go. C’mon, let’s go. I’m waiting on you.”

Then another worker approaches the window and Shuler encourages her to come along with her co-worker.

As Shuler arrives at her restaurant, the two former McDonald’s workers were already waiting for her outside Country Cookin.’

Shuler continued on her quest to hire new workers and later posted that she hired 11 new employees that day.

Known for throwing her son lavish parties, Shuler was sentenced to six months of house arrest and three years’ probation last year for Social Security fraud. The 45-year-old mother was also ordered to pay $36,785.67 in restitution, reports CBSN Philly.

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