Pittman Is Recipient Of National Group’s Award

State Rep. Ajay Pittman (Dem., Oklahoma City) has been named vice chairman of the Committee on Tourism of the State House of Representatives.

“State Rep. Pittman has a unique perspective and positive attitude that will help her excel in this new role,” Speaker Charles McCall (Rep., Atoka) said.

“I believe the tourism committee will benefit from her insight as the session progresses.”

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to help support business in our state,” State Rep. Pittman commented.

“She will be a good advocate,” said Lieut. Gov. Matt Pinnell, “and I look forward to working with her to bring more visitors and sales tax dollars to our state.

“From opening the Bob Dylan Center to unveiling major State Park upgrades, 2022 was one of the biggest years in Oklahoma tourism history,” he continued  “To keep that momentum going, Oklahoma needs legislators who support the industry and understand the economic impact it has.”

According to House tourism committee chairman, State Rep. Tammy Townley (Rep., Ardmore), tourism is the third largest economic driver in Oklahoma and “a huge responsibility.”

“State Rep. Pittman is a fantastic addition to our tourism committee and team,” State Rep. Townley stated.

“She has a deep love for Oklahoma.”

“As the State House District 99 representative, with many tourist destinations in her area, she is the perfect legislative leader to serve as vice chairman of the tourism committee,” State Rep. Townley continued.

State House Democratic leader State Rep. Cyndi Munson (Dem., Oklahoma City) also commended State Rep. Pittman’s appointment.

“I celebrate State Rep. Pittman’s appointment,” the Democratic leader said.

“She has been recognized for her ability to work across the aisle to find solutions for the people in District 99 and across our state.”

“I know she will represent District 99 and the State House Democratic Caucus well.

I am a proud of my friend and colleague.”

“The constituents of District 99 enjoy many attractions in Oklahoma City,” State Rep. Pittman remarked, “including the First Americans Museum, Bricktown, the Boathouse District, the State Capitol, the Oklahoma History Center and many additional businesses and attractions extending  all the way north to the Chisholm Creek Business District.”

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