Pittman Is Recipient Of National Group’s Award

State Rep. Ajay Pittman (Dem., Oklahoma City) is the recipient of an award from the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women.

She was presented a Women’s Spark Award at the recently-held annual conference of NOBEL Women in Hill, Md.

She was presented the award at the annual NOBEL conference held in Hill, Md.

“State Rep. Pittman has the ability to inspire and galvanize women toward a common goal of encouraging them to become powerful voices in their respective legislative districts,” said State Rep. Juandalyn Gavin (Dem., Ala.), president of NOBEL Women.

“This has made her a worthy candidate for the Spark Award.”

In addition to State Rep. Pittman, Women’s Spark Awards were presented to State Rep.  Kamia L. Brown (Dem., Fla,),  State Rep. Rena Moran (Dem. Minn.), State Rep. Kim Schoffield (Dem., Ga.) and state Sen. London Lamar (Dem., Tenn.).

Sometime ago, State Rep. Pittman was appointed chaplain of NOBEL Women.

NOBEL Women is a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of legislators and former legislators, as well as appointed officials.


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