Pittman Named To An Advisory Group

State Rep. Ajay Pittman (Dem., Oklahoma City) has been named to a Health Equity Advisory Group of the National Council of State Legislatures.

“This appointment comes on the heels of many of us celebrating the awareness of  Minority Health Month in April,” State Rep. Pittman said.

“I now have an opportunity to continue our promotion of health equity conversations on the national level.

“We must engage and educate more and having a seat at the table to represent Oklahoma is a win for all of our citizens.”

In that position, State Rep. Pittman will help the national state legislature body by compiling resources on how the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of resources disproportionately affected minorities.

In the Oklahoma of Representatives, she previously served on the Health and Human Services Appropriations and Budget Committee, and currently serves on the Public Health Committee.

She was nominated to serve on the advisory group by State Sen. Benny Shendo of New Mexico, president of the national group, as well as by Oklahoma Speaker Charles McCall (Rep., Atoka).

She is  co-chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee of the National Council.

“Her being on this advisory group will be of great benefit to Legislatures throughout the nation,” State Rep. McCall said.  “She will represent Oklahoma well.”

The National Council of State Legislatures helps  Legislatures deal with issues that affect states throughout the country.

State Rep. Pittman, who is Black and represents District 99, is also a member of the Seminole Nation.

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